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Lara Croft - Tomb Raider - 3D Artwork in the Gallery! 3D Webcomic
DAZ 3D Original Renders & more...
Winner of the Daz Studio Creative Magazine "Great Adventure" Competition.
Bowski is available for private commission work.
Prices range from 50 - 95 for original artworks.
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Promotional Artist for Daz Studio Content Creators
hired by Atlantis Studios
to create a commissioned
piece of CG Artwork for the
cult movie series starring
"Valerie Perez"
as Paula Peril in
"Paula Peril &
the Hidden City."
"I studied lighting in the UK at the
London School of Photography &
work lighting systems for other
photographers here in L.A, so I
understand that light is the key
element to creating great images. 
Whatever you are doing keep it up as your
images are some of the best I have seen!"

Paul Wilde Photography